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My name is David Dragone

and I’ve been teaching violin

to children and adults

for twenty-two years.


I’m glad you’re considering

the fun of learning to play!

I’ve taught many dozens of adults,

ranging in age from 20 

to a large number in their 60's,

70’s, and even a few in their 80's!

So, its never too late to have fun

learning something new.....


Thanks for your interest!

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thank you, I will contact you soon.

Frequently asked questions


Q:   I can’t read music, and I’m

       retired. Is it even worth

       taking lessons at my age?

A:    If you have realistic goals

        and just want to have fun

        exploring new things, you

        should find your lessons

        and your developing skills

        to be fun and rewarding


Q:   Will it take me longer to

        learn than it would

        if I were a child?

A:    Yes. However, what I’ve found

         is that most adult students

         overcome this hurdle

         if they consistently play.

         Since adults are investing 

         their own time and resources

         for lessons, their motivation

         to stay with it and progress

         can offset this challange.


Q:   Are longer lessons better?

A:    While longer lessons can be

        beneficial eventually, learning

        to use all sorts of different

        muscles and developing good

        technique is challenging when

        you first start, so I’d suggest

        30 minutes to start. 


Q:   My schedule sometimes


A:    I have some limited flexibility.

        When we discuss things

        at your free consultation,

        we may be able to determine

        some workable strategies

       depending on your situation.

Q:    What are your rates,

        do you offer virtual

        lessons, how do I pay

        and what will I need

        to start the lessons?

A:     My current rates are:

         $35 for 30 minutes

         $50 for 45 minutes

         $60 for 60 minutes.

         Lessons are weekly

         on the same day

         and at the same time.

         Lessons are billed one month

         in advance. Payment forms:

         cash, check, credit card,

         or pay-pal.


         I'm happy to answer other

         questions during at your

         free consultation.

         All the best,

         David Dragone

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